Latest News about the Common

Much progress has taken place since our last report on the Waban Common beautification project.  Last spring following a review by the Traffic Safety Dept. and DPW,  the City determined that no corrective action was needed in addressing traffic safety concerns in the immediate area and that the current traffic flow would remain in place at the site. With the traffic flow issue resolved we were allowed to move forward with working with the City landscape designer to finalize the design plan. The final plan was submitted and approved in September. In keeping with moving forward with the initial phase of the landscaping plan the City did a commendable job of cleaning up the site, trimming existing trees, removing old arborvitae and putting down mulch. What an improvement!

As of September Waban Common, Inc. became incorporated as a 501(c)(3) organization. We are finally ready to move forward with this plan and begin fundraising in earnest in anticipation of starting the initial phase of site preparation, irrigation and planting of trees in the early spring. The Waban Improvement Society has generously pledged a gift to cover the cost of installing an irrigation system. All other aspects of the plan must be funded by the Waban Community and fundraising events need to be held starting this winter. Plans for a kickoff fundraising event are in the making. Stay tuned for specific details. We hope that you will all consider giving generous support to this important Waban community beautification project.